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Professional Teeth Whitening : A Procedure With Long Lasting Impacts

Dental Hygiene is extremely important for both health and aesthetic reasons. Pearly white teeth add grace to facial looks. Clean and white teeth also improve personal confidence and certainly provide a charm to your personality. The discoloration of teeth is usually caused by food and drinks, despite regular brushing. Age and certain medical problems or injuries may also cause yellowing of teeth. Regardless of the cause of problem, everyone prefers to have a set of healthy looking, pearly white set of teeth.

Professional teeth whitening services have made the job of teeth cleaning simple, painless and almost immaculate. A professional teeth whitening service helps to:

  • Remove surface stains.
  • Penetrate the enamel to bleach deep-set stains that cannot be taken care of by over-the-counter systems.
  • Allow a cosmetic dentist to adjust the level of whitening to meet the patient’s needs and goals.
  • Create a complete smile makeover.

The procedure used by a professional teeth whitening service involves the use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) system that is placed in front of the mouth for ultimate cosmetic teeth.(NOTE: I do use cheek retractors). The use of this light has been proved as totally safe and it produces instant results without softening the enamel or causing any problems in hard and soft tissues. It causes no damage at all to the gums.

The LED system is known to treat all kinds of teeth (canines, molars, premolars). The desired results are obtained by directly attacking the discolorations of the teeth. A specifically prepared gel, controlled wavelength and power are combined to boost the delivery of light to all teeth. The upper and lower, inside and outside areas are covered to whiten teeth simultaneously.

Visible results of professional teeth whitening can surprise you but they are certainly for real and long lasting! By getting your teeth whitened this way, you also maintain good oral hygiene and can prevent problems like foul mouth odor and tooth decay.

The Tooth Fairy is a reputed teeth whitening dealer that has always provided best solutions to its customers. The service is also used in spas, dental hygiene clinics and even beauty salons. If you have chosen to avail the service of professional teeth whitening in Ontario or GTA, come to the Tooth Fairy with confidence. You will easily get a set of natural white teeth once again!