GemSmile Showcase Photos

USD $45.00

A collection of photos displaying a diverse range of tooth gem designs to impress your clients with options available to them.


  • Over seventy (70) tooth gem designs presented in three (3) on-line galleries including elegant Swarovski and Opal, to stunning Gold options.
  • High-quality images capture intricate details.
  • Unbranded photos and pages with no logos or watermarks. 
  • Touchscreen so you can enlarge images.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS operating systems adapting seamlessly to various devices, including tablets, smartphones and desktops.
  • Galleries are responsive and will look great on diverse screen sizes.
  • Includes a slideshow option which serves as a highly effective presentation tool, offering the convenience of running it seamlessly at trade shows and other special events.
  • Free updates when new photos are added to the showcase.
  • The photos are exclusively available online through your account.  This feature eliminates the need to download and print them, resulting in significant cost savings on printing expenses.

Elevate your client experience with our new GemStone Showcase Photos in your back pocket!