Train with Sharon, the Founder of Trebbih Inc.

USD $250.00

Become the best Tooth Gem Technician you can be when you train with Sharon, the Founder and CEO of Trebbih Inc.

Sharon will help new and current tooth gem technicians to become confident in applying tooth gems. Her comprehensive video training will guide participants through each step of tooth gem application process from start to finish. Watch her training videos and take notes as she demonstrates how to create stunning designs that are flawless!

The focus of her video is on the “application process” however, an overview of client consent, sanitation & disinfection and aftercare are discussed. Sharon takes her time to thoroughly explain each tool, what they are used for and the reasons they are necessary for tooth gem applications. She then demonstrates how to use each tool in her application technique on a live model.  You will certainly have “ah-ha” moments as she shares nuggets of very useful tips and techniques never seen before in the tooth gem industry!  The video is approximately 25 minutes in length with unlimited access so you can watch it as often as you need to!  The video also includes a detailed written Tooth Gem Training Guide.

In order to access the Video and the downloadable written Training Guide, you must be logged in to your account.  A Certificate of Training will also be emailed to you.  Please send a message to with the name you want on the Certificate.


Customer Reviews

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E.g (Amman, JO)

I highly recommend Sharon. I took the training course with her. I benefited a lot from this training course and learned important things that are not available in any other course I took before. She also continues to follow me and give me information and advice.
She is an amazing person ❤️❤️❤️

Tanysha Cummings (Oakland, US)

Very Informative. Detailed visual steps explained very well.

Alyssa Esposito (Oakdale, US)
Thorough !

Super informative

kati llewellyn (Chicago, US)
great tips and tricks for gold

i really respect sharon's focus on education (she provides a ton of free info on instagram) and it's easy to tell she's truly invested in our clients' dental health / making sure gem techs do things safely and correctly. she also explains things in a clear and accessible manner. so when i was struggling with my gold retention but didn't have much $ to spare, i was grateful sharon had a video option at a good price point. i learned a bunch of new tricks and it has helped my retention a lot, and i just feel like my clients are in more and more capable hands every time i learn a new trick from sharon! watching this video, i was happy to already have some tooth gem foundational learnings and would recommend maybe starting with the general gem training (i haven't seen it but im sure it's also great) first, but this is a great refresher and tips/tricks resource with lots of good foundational knowledge, and im so happy i bought it! retention problems, be goneeee!