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Do-It-Yourself Tooth Gem Kit (Semi-Permanent)

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This Semi-Permanent tooth gem kit is safe for home use and does NOT require a curing light nor etch (phosphoric acid).

The 3-step bonding system contains:

  • PURIFY will thoroughly cleanse, prime, desensitize and remove contaminants from the surface of the tooth simultaneously without irritation for improved bond strength. Purify will roughen the surface being treated, yet it does not contain phosphoric acid. Since it is gentle on the soft tissue and will not burn the gum line. Purify is a safer option for home use compared to etch.
  • PREP is a non-fluoride chemical cure activator for the adhesive Paste.  A curing light is not required.
  • PASTE is non-fluoride chemical cure adhesive that will cure tooth gems on contact without the use of a curing light.


Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kit includes:

  • Purify | Prep | Paste | Bonding System (3-5 applications)
  • (1) Set of disposable items (1-time use)
  • Instructional Video – to access this Video, you must log-in to your account.
  • Detailed written instructions – to access these instructions you must log in to your account.


Add-Ons – Refer to the images and select your preferred gems:

  • (9) Round Swarovski Crystals – (3) 1.70 mm, (3) 1.90 mm, (3) 2.10 mm
  • (1) Butterfly
  • (10) X-Large Swarovski Shimmer Crystals
  • (7) Geometric Shapes
  • (10) Colored Crystals (2.10 mm)
  • (1) Set of additional disposable items (1-time use)
  • Gold Gems can also be applied but sold separately.
  • Designer Inspired Gold  can also be applied but sold separately.
  • Opal tooth gems can also be applied but sold separately.

By using this kit, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older.

Tooth Gems must be placed on a real tooth that does not require any dental work. The bonds will not stick to crowns, caps, veneers or false teeth.


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