- Alina Mahar

Luscious Lashes by Alina

I bought the entire kit for the tooth jewels and I LOVE it! I have had my tooth jewel for a little over 3 years now and it's still holding strong! Well worth it and excellent customer service. 100% Happy!

- Martine Desrosiers

(Brampton, Ontario)

My experience with Trebbih has been exceptional!! They have the greatest customer service. That's the key to a successful company!.

- Stephanie Baroni

Portland, Oregon

Very happy with your products after you taught me how to put the syringe tips one!! Thank You!!

- Crista Harrington

(Fort Collings, Colorado) USA

I was able to practice on my younger sister and her friends for New Year's which is what I was hoping for and their tooth gems are still on their teeth nice and strong. I practiced on myself and was able to pick a gem off with my nail (which is good as some people only want them for a party or short-term) but the others that I have left alone have stayed on. I brush my teeth 3 times daily with an electric tooth brush too, and I visited my dentist yesterday and he said they looked well-done! Thank you very much for your product and excellent customer service.

- Maria DeRubeis

(LaSalle, Ontario)

I get my smile noticed with a sparkling Swarovski Tooth Crystal. The kit is simple to use and there is no mess. My crystal lasts anywhere from 4 weeks to 1 year.

- Sue Priestly

(Australia – Grafton NSW)

I am a Cosmetic Tattooist in Australia owning my own salon. I wanted to add something extra to my business so I researched Tooth Jewels as I thought they would be a great, quick service I could offer my clients. After several hours of internet searching the only company that stood out from the rest was Trebbih. I contacted them via email to enquiry if they would supply to me and deliver to Australia. Not only did I receive a quick response back but the contact person Sharon was so helpful. I placed my order and it was delivered to me in Australia reasonably quick. I have been purchasing extra supplies for the past 6 months. I also had a problem with the charging unit of my curing light, after contacting Sharon she posted me one out straight away at no extra cost. Excellent service from a company on the other side of the World. May I say the tooth jewels have been a great addition to my salon that I’m now thinking about adding the Teeth Whitening System to my business. I totally recommend Trebbih and Sharon to any businesses wanting to purchase their products.

- Connie Harms

(Chilliwack, BC)

Thank you for your prompt response & awesome offer. Customer service like this ROCKS - I'm sorry when I have to admit it is unexpected. There are so many companies that try to wiggle out of true service & satisfaction that it is almost the norm. I work as a sales rep for an aerospace carrier & I've often lamented that I wish the service i RECEIVE matches what I OFFER in my 9-5 job. Well, here's to you...............thank you.

- Anaida Dine, RDH

(North York, Ontario)

My name is Anaida and I am a Registered Dental Hygienist in the province of Ontario. I wished to accomplish something different on my own outside the traditional practice setting. While doing my research I came across the Trebbih website. I was immediately impressed with the site as it peaked my curiosity. In the result I asked for more details on the products carried and in particular on the Tooth Jewelry, my query netted a knowledgeable response immediately. The contact person for my request was Sharon, I found her to be very professional as well as very knowledgeable on the products. After my contact with Sharon I ordered the Tooth Jewelry kit. The ordering was very easy and I received it the same week. The training manual was very easy; it included a written manual as well as a short movie manual on CD. I personally really liked the CD as I find I learn quicker with something visual. I am happy to say it's very easy to use and in my opinion a simple way to make some extra money on the side. If you are so inclined I would strongly suggest you contact Sharon. Thank you Sharon for everything!!.

- Veronika Forrest

(Hamilton, Ontario)

I have received the letter with all of the supplies that I needed to fix my jewel. I just want to thank you for all your help you did for me. Just the fact that you took the time to write a letter, put all the supplies, and send it to me and all that for free. There is not many people in this world that would have done that. I was actually very amazed that I have received all of that 🙂 I thought that you will just forget about it, but you didn't and that is why I appreciate that so much.