Business Starter Kit – HydroShine Pro for 24 clients

USD $995.00USD $1,695.00

Our Teeth Whitening Business Starter Kit includes all the tools you will need to equip you for a successful and seamless launch into the world of teeth whitening services.


  • HydroShine Pro Teeth Whitening and Reminerlizing Gel Kit for 24 clients
  • (1) LED Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light (see details below).
  • (20) Replacement Mouth Sheaths for LED Light
  • (2) Premium Safety Glasses with Adjustable Arm
  • (1) 3D Tooth Shade Guide with Case and Mirror
  • (1) Dental Bib Clip
  • (24) Dental Bibs
  • (24) Disposable Cups
  • (100) Disposable Gloves – Black
  • (24) Client Consent and Aftercare Forms
  • (15) Lip Cheek Retractors (10 small / 5 large)
  • (1) Video Demonstration (you must be logged in to your account to access this download)
  • (1) Detailed written instructions.


The Professional LED Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light is a must-have investment for Teeth Whitening Technicians seeking to elevate their practice.  Engineered for exceptional results, this device boasts advanced LED technology, featuring 6 high-power LEDs—4 blue and 2 red. 

💙Blue Light – The blue light activates the teeth whitening gel ensuring a powerful and effective whitening process.

❤️Red Light – The red light aids in tissue healing, decreasing inflammation and easing sensitivity, resulting in enhanced comfort for clients throughout their whitening treatment.

💜Blue & Red Light – Combine both blue and red light for a comprehensive whitening experience that’s both gentle and effective!

EASY to assemble and features CONVENIENT controls on the user-friendly interface for seamless operation. 

LED Teeth Whitening Light Purchased Separately Includes:
• CHOICE of Pink or Blue Coloured LED Light
• Power Adaptor
• (10) Replacement Mouth Sheaths for LED Light
• (1) Premium Safety Glasses with Adjustable Arm
• User Manual.

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