Trebbih’s $mile Bucks

Loyalty Rewards Program

We are so grateful for your business and overwhelmed with your enthusiasm for our products!  We want to continuously thank you for your patronage every time you make a purchase, review our products refer a client, share a tag and promote our products on Instagram. And we also want to celebrate your birthday!
There is no cost to join, just GREAT rewards!
When you reach 500 Trebbih $mile Bucks, you earn a $15 reward to apply on your next on-line purchase.
Best of all, your $mile Bucks will never expire!
We have made it SUPER easy for you to earn $mile Bucks that translates into FREE product!!!
  • Receive 30 $mile Bucks when you sign up by creating an account or logging-in to register.
  • Receive 1 $mile Buck for every $1 that you spend!
  • Receive 30 $mile Bucks for every order over $350!
  • After your 2nd order in our store, receive 25 BONUS $mile Bucks!
  • Receive 30 $mile Bucks on your birthday!
NEW!  Effective July 28th, 2021:
  • NEW!  Receive 50 $mile Bucks for each Verified Review!
  • NEW!  Receive 60 $mile Bucks when you feature a gold tooth gem application from our “Designer Inspired” Collection on your Instagram page, and tag @trebbihinc at the time of your post.
  • NEW!  Receive 70 $mile Bucks for each referral who makes a purchase.  Your referral will need to mention your name in the “Comments” section of their order when they check out.
  • I signed up!                                                30
  • I purchased $225 of product:                225
  • I reviewed (2) products                          100
  • I tagged @trebbihinc as per above         60
  • I referred a friend                                       70
  • This was my 2nd order:                            25
TOTAL:                                                            510 $mile Bucks
You just EARNED $15 in FREE PRODUCT on your next order!!!  The details will be in your account.
When you give us a smile, we’ll give you a $mile Back!
  • Create an account or log-in to register for Trebbih’s $mile Bucks.
  • Once you register, you must place orders from your account in order to ensure that your $mile bucks are calculated.
  • Guest orders do not qualify for $mile Bucks.
  • $mile Bucks are calculated based on the sub-total before tax and shipping
  • The minimum discount required to redeem $mile Bucks is $15.
The benefits start NOW!