Whiten Teeth FCP Home Kit

Whiten Teeth FCP Home Kit was designed around the sensitivity issues normally associated with teeth whitening yet it is one of the hardest working whitening kits available for those who want immediate results with less wear time. It’s fast action turns the typical 1 hour whitening regimen into a 20 minute experience yet it is safe for sensitive teeth.The active ingredient in the premium dental grade teeth whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide containing glycerin and water to help prevent tooth dehydration during the whitening process. The gel is also pH balanced and compatible with tooth enamel so the result is little to no irritation or sensitivity.

What does FCP stand for?

The Whiten Teeth FCP Home Kit includes a Tooth Mousse containing FCP which stands for Fluoride, Calcium and Potassium.These key ingredients help to

  • Build a protective film over the surface of the teeth.
  • Prevent sensitivity.
  • Deliver essential minerals to the tooth surface.
Whiten Teeth FCP Home Kit Includes
  • Soft brush applicator with premium dental grade teeth whitening gel.
  • Active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide.
  • Tooth Mousse with FCP.
  • Customizable upper and lower mouth trays.
  • Detailed application instructions.
  • No mini LED light necessary to hold! The gel does all the work.

The Tooth Mousse is applied to your teeth before you whiten to nourish the enamel for greater tooth strength thereby minimizing irritation and sensitivity and after to add minerals to your teeth and give them a sparkling healthy glow – true wellness for the teeth! The Tooth mousse is used once per week during your whitening regimen and has a very pleasant taste.

The Premium ThermoForm Custom Moldable Mouth Trays included in each kit are considered the “gold standard” in teeth whitening because they are simply the best! These trays are made from a very special polymer and are molded by heating them up in warm water and then placing them in your mouth to form a precise mold of your teeth. One size fits all because the mouth trays will stretch or shrink during the molding process to provide your teeth with a very firm and comfortable fit.

Mouth Trays - before and after
Unique features
  • Custom moldable.
  • One size fits all.
  • Soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Low heat molding.
  • Large dental coverage area.
  • Covers the front and back side of teeth.
  • Clear, see-through polymer blend.
  • Can be remolded.
  • Each kit contains (2) mouth trays to whiten upper and lower teeth simultaneously.

These mouth trays will prevent the whitening gel from being mixed with saliva and also ensures that the gel penetrates all areas of your teeth which is essential in achieving maximum whitening results.

Most companies use a syringe with the mouth tray. However, syringes have a problem with being over-used, causing the gel to overflow when the trays are inserted in the mouth.The result is irritated gums.Instead, the Whiten Teeth FCP Home Kit utilizes a revolutionary soft brush applicator.  This allows you to control the amount of the gel that is brushed on each tooth before inserting the trays in your mouth so there is no waste and no gum irritation.These whitening pens are fast, efficient, and mess free!