Have you ever been out on the town or at a special function and wanted to freshen up with a burst of your favourite perfume only to realize that you left it home because of it’s size and the inconvenience of carrying it?

Well now, you can take your favourite scent with you!


Syphon---webSyphon is ready to use straight out of the package. Simply remove the nozzle from your big fragrance bottle, pump Syphon up and down on the tube until filled, and away you go! No funnels, no spills! The clear window makes it easy to see the level of perfume inside.

Syphon has the capacity to hold up to 5ml of perfume and is about the size of a lipstick. When filled, it gives a massive 50 sprays of fragrance, in a wonderfully fine mist spray.

Made of 98% recyclable aircraft-grade aluminium, Syphon is ultra light yet durable. It contains no glass parts, so there is no risk to breakage if you accidentally drop it. Syphon also complies with all airline regulations so you can carry it on flights with you when you travel.

Filling Steps
Cleaning Bottle

To clean Syphon is easy. Simply fill the purple cleaning bottle that is included in your package with equal parts of water and alcohol. Thoroughly spray out the fragrance in Syphon and fill with mixture in the cleaning bottle following steps 1-3 above. Shake, then spray the cleaning mixture out of Syphon. You are now ready to re-fill Syphon with your new fragrance.

Syphon Makes Great Scents

Syphon makes great scents - webWhether you’re a busy business traveller or a backpacker who likes the little luxuries in life, our convenient, pocket-sized Syphon Refillable Perfume Atomizer makes great scents! It is super easy to fill, you can carry it in the smallest purse, it reduces hand luggage on airplanes and above all, it is sleek and attractive!

  • Holds up to 50 sprays of your favourite scent.
  • Fills directly from almost any fragrance bottle with no funnel, spills or mess.
  • Cleaning bottle included so you can re-use with a fresh fragrance every time.
  • Sleek, contemporary, ultra-light and convenience.
  • Perfect for parties, travel, business meetings, dates and more.
  • Made of strong aluminum so there is no risk of breakage.